Our Services

Advanced FM self-delivers a unique integrated facilities management solution that goes above and beyond to provide more support services to clients including catering, laundry, transport and other specialized services. With the operational expertise to support remote, offshore and urban sites, Advanced FM provides clients a full range of support services wherever they are.


We pride ourselves on delivering an efficient preventative and reactive MEP service. With a professionally qualified mechanical, electrical and plumbing team, we maintain optimal performance of assets reducing down time and increasing its lifecycle.


Advanced FM provides comprehensive cleaning services that maintain quality standards and front of house presentation using sustainable best practices that are hygienic and cost effective for all our stakeholders.


Advanced FM offers security solutions that utilize a combination of manpower and technology to secure premises. From CCTV to access control, we provide the trained manpower to ensure effective security operations.


Advanced FM specializes in commercial and industrial catering for remote sites, large manpower facilities and compounds. Daily production capacity exceeds more than 150,000 meals per day and our ability to scale makes us competitive.

Specialized Services

Advanced FM self-delivers vertical transport, rope-access and scaffolding cleaning for towers and architectural accents. We provide an IRATA and ISO certified service to ensure the safety of our staff and the efficiency of our solutions.

Business Support Services

Advanced FM provides white and blue collar manpower for various industries. From administrators and receptionists to office boys and waiters, we customize solutions to support commercial businesses, offices and organizations.


Advanced FM offers landscaping, irrigation and water management including indoor landscaping for modern buildings with garden rooftops and courtyards. Our trained staff specialize in providing hard and soft services that enhance green spaces.

Pool Maintenance

Advanced FM provide maintenance services for water features, fountains and swimming pools. We use a combination of chemical treatments, cleaning, repair and general maintenance to minimize wastage and ensure the health and safety of users.

Pest Control

Advanced FM provide pest control services that utilize the most sustainable methods for termination. After conducting an assessment, the team creates a plan and implements a customized termination to ensure minimal downtime and maximum effectiveness.


Advanced FM provide commercial and industrial washing, dry cleaning, pressing, linen leasing and rental for various industries. Our service is reputed for timeliness and flexibility with a focus on delivering the highest quality at a competitive cost for our clients.


Advanced FM provides full transport solutions for public and private sector organizations including the transport of goods, passengers and messengers powered by our extensive and purpose driven fleet with a focus on punctuality, capacity and routes.

Waste Management

We create cleaner, more efficient communities and workplaces for our diverse clients through a range of waste management services including collection of general waste, recyclables, construction waste, food waste and non-hazardous liquids.


Advanced FM surpasses all challenges to deliver operational excellence with highly trained staff for mobile and on-site services in remote locations. The operational excellence instilled by our quality control team makes us a trusted facilities management partner for clients in remote and high-security zones.

Oil & Gas

Advanced FM have the capabilities to deliver a full range of services adhering to the highest standards for remote, off-shore, on-shore and corporate headquarters. We provide staff on-site or mobile teams depending on the client requirements to ensure facilities are running safely and smoothly.


We provide fully integrated solutions for educational institutions from MEP and cleaning services to catering and transport, taking care of all support service needs. Our teams, carefully manage schedules for preventative, reactive and daily services to ensure minimal disruption to daily operations.


Advanced FM provides specialized services designed to meet SLAs and KPIs integral for healthcare facilities. Operational teams ensure optimal systems performance to prevent disruption of patient care and life-sustaining equipment. Our soft services incorporate hygiene and health & safety best practices.


Advanced FM provides a range of facilities services for secure government premises to public spaces. Our teams are trained to adhere to stringent security measures while ensuring that operations run smoothly. Additional services, catering, laundry and transport can be tailored to provide a full support solution.


Advanced FM provides self-delivered fully integrated facilities services to residential properties. Sustaining property value through well maintained assets and well presented premises powered by fully trained staff. Our services ensure tenants a quality life in an efficient, environmentally friendly and safe development.

Commercial Offices

Advanced FM provides commercial premises with integrated services delivering operational excellence and providing end users with a comfortable environment. Advanced FM teams ensure the optimal performance of assets whilst implementing strategies to achieve cost savings through operational efficiencies.


Advanced FM’s retail solutions are designed around operating hours, usage and footfall to ensure service delivery is optimal for clients and end users. Where environment and experience of end users is paramount, we provide services to ensure end users a memorable experience while they focus on their core business.